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Summer holidays on the sunny plateau in Fiss

Paradise for Families and Children’s Summer Activities

Welcome to the Mini & Maxi Club in Fiss, the paradise for families and children’s summer activities in Fiss, the holiday resort with the coolest activities for children from the ages of 3 to 15!


Playing Cowboys and Indians, making fire without matches, finger painting, jazz dance and climbing ... these are just some of the exciting things the Mini & Maxi team have in store for you.




The members of the Mini & Maxi Club team are qualified outdoor education instructors, whose special expertise and high-quality childcare guarantee that you have a successful family holiday.


From Monday to Thursday, there are half-day or full-day activity programmes, sometimes also in the evening.


Fiss - Family paradise


Once a fortnight, larger festivals take place in which anyone can take part.


MINIS (3-4 years):

  • Climbing with Christian the mountain guide
  • Wally water fairy on tour
  • Where is Jack the jackrabbit
  • Nee naw, the fire brigade is here
  • Cooking in Berta’s gourmet corner
  • Camouflage and disguise – let’s go to the Indian village
  • Mini&Maxi Club funfair
  • Berta’s family handicrafts day
  • Everjoy the bee is searching for Ferdinand the wasp
  • Forest explorers out and about


KIDS (5-8 years):

  • Climbing kids in action
  • Captain Forgetful
  • Ship ahoy
  • On tour with Cowboy Joe
  • The very hungry bee
  • Wally water fairy and Franz trout
  • Berta’s handicrafts academy
  • Stonemagic
  • Pirates´day with Gold search
  • Journalists‘ meeting


JUNIORS (9-11 years):

  • Archery
  • On the rocks
  • X-Trees Fun Zone
  • Se-La-Fi
  • Crate climbing
  • Let‘s Fetz
  • Summer Fun Park Fiss
  • Rafting expedition
  • Geocaching with BBQ
  • Club Party
  • Building model airplanes followed by race
  • Fire and fun
  • The Adventure calls

CHILLERS (12-15 years):

  • Speedminton
  • Golf Taster Lesson
  • Beachvolleyball
  • Soccer Challenge
  • X-Trees Fun Zone
  • Climbing on the rock
  • The Adventure calls
  • Hiking and Biking
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • One Night in the Mountains
  • Geocaching
  • Action Parcours
  • Archery
  • Silent Hill
  • The fascination of model flying

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Erlebnisnacht in Fiss

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Every second Tuesday in summer

Music & Entertainment

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