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Summer holidays on the sunny plateau in Fiss

Adventure Mountains

“The Crashed Plane”, “The Witch’s Trail, “The Tree House”: these are the latest adventures waiting to be explored by the whole family.


Thomas Brezina, one of the most renowned authors of children’s literature in the German-speaking world has already published well over 100 books.

He has now devised 3 stories in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis that are exciting “hiking adventures”. This new type of mountain adventure is not just fun for children, but for their parents too.




"The Crashed Plane" – A plane has crashed somewhere on the mountain. Eye witnesses report that something was dropped before it crashed. The pilot was able to save himself using the parachute. What was on board the plane? What happened? This is an adventure hike around the Alpkopf for detectives of all ages.


“The Witch’s Trail” – This is a mystical family hike that starts at the Schönjochbahn middle station and leads over the Kuhalm to the mysterious witch’s cottage. Something went wrong while Grisabella Glockenkuss was casting a spell and since then, objects from the witch’s cottage are to be found scattered all around the forest. There are also various stations along the Witch’s Trail for you to look at, marvel at and move.


“Tree House” – How does the marmot live? Which mushrooms are edible? There are plants so large that children feel like little ants. Along the explorer route, there are many experiments to conduct and, at the end of the trail, there is a mysterious tree house with several floors. Parents and their children can immerse themselves in the secrets of the scientist and continue his research.

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